Web Cast

Web Cast system allows organizing audio and video broadcast from a mobile phone to other service users’ phones via 3G network. Broadcast can be implemented both as media file transfer or media streaming. The transfer can be can be realized to the system server, which will later organize broadcasting for several phones connected to the service.

There are the following content broadcasting methods available:

Phone to server file transfer


File transfer from phone to phone


Phone to server streaming


Phone to phone streaming


Within the framework of the project, an adaptive video codec for ARM processor was developed. It changes the stream quality depending on the channel width and stability.The client in the given solution is a mobile phone with OS Windows Mobile 5. After authorizing on the server, the client downloads a web page with ActiveX to its mobile browser. After that, it can record and transfer audio and video streams to the server first or directly to other service users’ phones. The feedback is available for video recording, i.e. the user can see on the phone display what is being recorded by the built-in video camera at the moment. Video resolution and desired frame rate (fps) adjustments are also available.

Used technologies:

  • DirectShow
  • ATL
  • Winsock2
  • ActiveX
  • JavaScript