Public City Library Registry Manager

The public library has asked us to rewrite the existing books and clients management application. The application was intended to manage the books and clients of the library, search a book and provide with information about the book:

  • short description;
  • the existents of the book in the library;
  • the person who got the book (address, phone number and the date he/she will return it back);

New application had to provide the same features and in addition it had to allow creating a secure account for clients and provide them with internet access to the library, the third improvement was creating a queue to allow clients to get the book when it is available.

After analyzing all the features of the application and new requirements we designed distributed application that consists from three parts:

  • server side application;
  • client application;
  • Intranet web interface for the application.

The database for storing information about books and clients was MS SQL server, the implementation languages were C# and C++, communication protocols HTTP/HTTPS.

Server side application was intended to handle multiple clients’ queries to database and database management.

Client application was intended for employees of the library and for clients who came into the library to get the book or to get the information about the book.

Web interface was intended to provide intranet users with features of client’s application.

Technologies used to implement the solution:

  • .NET framework;
    • ADO.NET;
    • Interprocess communication;
    • Security/Cryptography;
    • ASP.NET;
    • SOAP;
  • T-SQL;
  • DCOM;
  • Windows Security;
  • RPC.