Mobile application creation solution

Nowadays having a mobile application becomes more and more popular for companies and individual people very similar to how popular having a web site is. Even though mobile applications are typically relatively simple, application development still costs money and, takes time and can be expensive for a small company or individual. Finding the appropriate developer can also be a challenge.

Mobile application creation solution helps people create mobile applications for iOS and Android without any development. It has a good set of pre-defined feature templates which can be customized and added to the applications.


The implemented solution consists of 3 major sections: native application for iOS, native application for Android and a web site which allows customization of applications.

Web site contains web-based presentations of the supported application templates with ability to customize them online, interactively place them into the application and preview how the application will look and function on the devices. Then when user completes customization, XML describing behavior and look-and-feel of the application is generated and passed to the native applications to build them on the server with the specified interface and functionality.

iOS native application supports parsing configuration XMLs and contains actual native definition of the templates to be run on iPhones, iPods and iPads.

Android native application similar to iOS native application supports parsing XMLs and contains actual native definition of the templates to be run on Android smartphones and tablets.

When the application is customized and built, it can be published to Apple Store and Google Play respectively.

Templates support the following features: viewing HTML pages, playing video, viewing RSS and ATOM feeds, news, events, calendars, Google Maps, Push to call, GPS tracking, photo albums, image galleries on the devices, audio playback, e-books, integration with Facebook and Twitter, access to contacts and cameras on devices, coupons, advertisement, In-App purchase functions, Push notifications and custom forms.

Tools & Technologies

  • Objective-C, Xcode, iOS SDK, Push Notifications, In-App Purchase, XML, add networks.
  • Java, Eclipse, Android SDK.
  • C#, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, HTML 5, CSS3, MVC, MS SQL.


The solution can be used by companies and individual to create their custom mobile applications for the most popular mobile platforms without the need to have experience with software development. It reduces the application development costs and speeds up application development.