Quality assurance

Tools And

Patch Manager

Business challenges Smartech QA team had a task to set up and implement testing process of one of the leading customer products – Patch Manager. Dedicated QA center managed to create all necessary documentation, tools and scripts to set up

Ecora Policy Compliance Dashboard

Business challenges Smartech QA team performed functional testing of Ecora Policy Compliance Dashboard software, that helped to detect and eliminate performance issues, calculation inconsistencies, predefined policies set design and other issues in the application. During testing process full set of

Change Manager

Business challenges Smartech QA team performed complete testing of Ecora Change Manager, developed automated test scripts and wrote all necessary documentation to perform continuous testing of the product in order to guarantee the desired quality level of current and future

Reporting Center

Business challenges Smartech QA team was asked to performed full complex of testing Reporting Center software. The application had several inconsistencies reported by customers, some customers had performance issues, user authentication problems were reported by several particular customers as well.

Switch Testing Framework Library

Business Challenge The customer is a FC switches development company. The company is one of the leading innovator and provider of data center networking solutions. One of the departments in the company is SQA (System Quality Assurance). The goal of

Ecora web site

Business challenges Smartech QA team had a task to perform testing of Ecora web site http://www.ecora.com/ecora/ due to its moving to the new server system, and porting from Apache 1.x to 2.x, including upgrading to a newer version of Oracle database server.

PerfectDisc and Command Center

The customer is a software company developing comprehensive solution for defragmenting NTFS and FAT32 disk volumes and running on all 32 and 64 bit Windows versions since 2000 to Vista / 2008. Defragmenters deployed to numerous systems can be controlled