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Reporting Center

Business challenges Smartech QA team was asked to performed full complex of testing Reporting Center software. The application had several inconsistencies reported by customers, some customers had performance issues, user authentication problems were reported by several particular customers as well.

Switch Testing Framework Library

Business Challenge The customer is a FC switches development company. The company is one of the leading innovator and provider of data center networking solutions. One of the departments in the company is SQA (System Quality Assurance). The goal of

Ecora web site

Business challenges Smartech QA team had a task to perform testing of Ecora web site due to its moving to the new server system, and porting from Apache 1.x to 2.x, including upgrading to a newer version of Oracle database server.

PerfectDisc and Command Center

The customer is a software company developing comprehensive solution for defragmenting NTFS and FAT32 disk volumes and running on all 32 and 64 bit Windows versions since 2000 to Vista / 2008. Defragmenters deployed to numerous systems can be controlled

Mobile Call Manager

Business Challenge The project was made for a company specializing in creating software for various mobile platforms such as PocketPCs, Communicators, Smartphones. The goal of the project was to create application which helps to automatically manage incoming and outgoing calls

Mobile Inventory

The project was created for stock counting of goods at warehouses that are situated at a distance from each other. The system consists of a mobile application (designed for PocketPC devices with compact framework 1.1 installed) and a web application.

Mobile Learning Portal

Business Challenge The main project goal was to create comprehensive web portal serving as a source of learning content and providing it in a convenient way for desktop and mobile device users. Content should be easily managed and synchronized between

3D Landscape Visualization

Project was done for a private company developing its own brand new GPS navigation software helping travelling people in finding their way from certain locations to the desired destinations and showing map to further help understand the current location and

Mobile application creation solution

Nowadays having a mobile application becomes more and more popular for companies and individual people very similar to how popular having a web site is. Even though mobile applications are typically relatively simple, application development still costs money and, takes

iOS magazine publishing solution

The customer was in a need of software for iPhone and iPad which would allow distribution and viewing of free and paid interactive magazines. It had to be a shell for automatic downloading of magazines and viewing them. Very much