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Estate agency portal on Sharepoint 2007

Intranet goals: collaboration center for employees organizing of internal document circulation workflow support business process management role based security to restrict access to business content advanced search compatibilities for employees integration with external CRM system storing and managing of users’

Call-center Software for Collection Agency

Business Challenge The main project’s goal is to develop software for the collection agency’s call-center. The created system integrates with the customer’s existing IT infrastructure. The software allows automatic management of incoming and outgoing calls and also supports the remote

Building industry intranet portal

The project was done for a construction company that like any large company needed a huge projects database. Each client of the company may have several projects. Each project may have many assignments (such as sub and employee ones). The

Automatic System Update Software

The main idea of the product is: Automate process of network scanning and analysis on demand or on scheduled basis. Automate process of editing knowledge base and filling it with new patches. Automate process of pushing patches (system update process).


BugSnapshort is a tool used to analyze what caused exceptions in your application. It helps you to find and analyze the reason of your application fault without asking a user a huge number of questions. By supporting (reading) dmp-files, BugSnapshort

Advanced SMS delivery system

Business challenges The system was developed due to the lack of convenient services for SMS exchange with mobile network subscribers using Internet. Though mobile operators provide tools for sending SMS to the subscriber – they have a lot of limitations

ASP.NET Visual Permission Manager

Business Challenge In the nowadays many web development companies offer complicated business solutions based on ASP.NET and .NET technologies. Security aspects play the most important role in such systems. One of our clients requested the solution that provided easy way

Patch Manager

Business challenges Smartech QA team had a task to set up and implement testing process of one of the leading customer products – Patch Manager. Dedicated QA center managed to create all necessary documentation, tools and scripts to set up

Ecora Policy Compliance Dashboard

Business challenges Smartech QA team performed functional testing of Ecora Policy Compliance Dashboard software, that helped to detect and eliminate performance issues, calculation inconsistencies, predefined policies set design and other issues in the application. During testing process full set of

Change Manager

Business challenges Smartech QA team performed complete testing of Ecora Change Manager, developed automated test scripts and wrote all necessary documentation to perform continuous testing of the product in order to guarantee the desired quality level of current and future