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SSL Gateway

The project was developed for a company providing comprehensive virtualization solutions and helping other companies build complex network environments easily accessible by employees from any location in the world and at the same time providing comprehensive security means to protect

The System of Licensing and Protection from Distribution

Project was done for educational department of Russian Railways state organization. One of the activities performed by the department is creation and distribution of educational applications to other departments of the organization, to high school and universities. The problem with

Windows System Performance Optimizer

The customer is a software company developing comprehensive solution for Windows systems performance optimization and fine tuning including defragmenting NTFS and FAT32 disk volumes, Windows registry cleanup, tweaking graphical effects (such as mouse shade, fade effects, etc), removal of duplicate

Business Network Portal for Travelers

Business travel hasn’t changed since the introduction of the Internet, with travelers making plans oblivious to the itineraries of industry colleagues and sometimes even people on their own team, wasting time and losing valuable opportunities to connect – even when

SMS Marketing Solution

Project was done for a private company developing self-service text message marketing solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to enhance their marketing and business objectives. The solution is formed as an entertaining and advertizing WEB portal allowing users subscribe

MS Ambulance project

MS Ambulance is a multi-tiered software solution created for Republic of Kazakhstan healthcare, ambulance and emergency services. The solution was created to replace previously existing system which had significant disadvantages: Poor performance; Legacy not ergonomic poorly designed user interface; Insufficient

Traffic Throttler for Linux

The project was made for a company specializing in providing comprehensive spam and malware protection solutions. The customer’s product is a multi-platform SDK which provides means to protect servers, routers and workstations from spam senders and hackers. Traffic throttler became

Infinite USB Memory project

IUM (Infinite USB Memory) project was created for Infinitec company, developing an innovative solution to seamlessly distribute high-volume data over Wi-Fi networks with an impression of locally connected USB flash drive of infinite size being plugged to the PC or

Hotel Business IT Infrastructure Support and Development

Project was done for Intercontinental Hotels Group, the largest hotel company by number of rooms, with rooms in over 100 countries around the world. The company has extensive internal and public IT infrastructure consisting of several semi-independent systems developed by

Cloud-based identity management tool for SAASs

The project GreyTower was developed for a USA-based company specializing in providing integration and security services including consulting and software solutions. Cloud-based identity management tool for SAASs is software solution for integrating user account management between various systems guaranteeing integrity