Call-center Software for Collection Agency

Business Challenge

The main project’s goal is to develop software for the collection agency’s call-center. The created system integrates with the customer’s existing IT infrastructure. The software allows automatic management of incoming and outgoing calls and also supports the remote collection of overdue debts by the agency employees.


The project is meant to maintain and automate the support of overdue debt collection and to process received calls relating to the recovery of outstanding debts.

Basic automated processes

Basic automated processes include handling incoming calls, remote informing, calling debtors and automatic calling.

Handling of incoming calls

  • Answering incoming calls
  • Initial consulting of a debtor
  • Storing information of a debtor’s call
  • Reception of debtors’ information about payments
  • Redirection of clients’, employees’ and partners’ calls

Remote informing

  • Batch printing of claim letters
  • Information export to xls for sending SMS notifications
  • Information export to xls for sending e-mails

Calling debtors

  • Initiation of dialing a debtor’s number
  • Receiving a call from automatic calling
  • Storing the call’s result

Automated calling

  • Management of the delays list
  • Automatic calling of debtors
  • Distribution of delays to operators


The project’s implementation is based on the collection agency’s corporate network and uses Asterisk, which combines POTS with VOIP.

The solution enables:

  • Flexible implementation of routing algorithms and management of calls
  • Scaling of the telephone circuit
  • Integration of the customer’s specific information with telephone connections
  • Automatic gathering of calls statistics and archiving of audio records of calls according to the business rules.

Tools and Technologies

  • .NET Framework
  • WCF
  • MS SQL Server
  • NHibernate
  • Asterisk PBX
  • MySql
  • VoIP / SIP
  • C#, C++ (unmanaged)
  • NUnit
  • Log4Net