Building industry intranet portal

The project was done for a construction company that like any large company needed a huge projects database. Each client of the company may have several projects. Each project may have many assignments (such as sub and employee ones). The database should have different access levels based on user permissions.


The proposed system is Internet based solution. It provides remote access to administrative functions and allows any potential clients to find information about the company. Clients can see information on their projects from any computer connected to WWW. Subs and employees who have assignments to a particular project can view and download files that are available for them in terms of these projects. System administrators can easily add, edit and delete new clients’ projects, upload and delete files, send e-mail to clients. Potential clients may easily contact the company.

The application provides different access levels to for different users. Users who have access levels less than 10 can view only the public site. And they can view only files belonging to folders with the access levels less than the user’s one.

The public part is used to represent information about building projects to clients, subs and employees. Each user can see information about the projects he refers to. The project information includes project name, estimation date, particular location etc. Different files belonging to projects are also available to see and download.

The admin part is required to manage database and all project information. Only the administrator has access to these resources. The public site view can also be changed using admin functionality.The technology we have chosen for the implementation of this project is Microsoft ASP.NET.

Tools and Technologies

  • MS .NET
  • Microsoft C#
  • Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Microsoft Access 2000
  • IIS