ASP.NET Visual Permission Manager

Business Challenge

In the nowadays many web development companies offer complicated business solutions based on ASP.NET and .NET technologies. Security aspects play the most important role in such systems. One of our clients requested the solution that provided easy way to setup individual role and permissions for each UI control at design time.

System functionality

We have developed the permission manager control for implementing security and extending permission policy across the Visual Studio Asp.NET solution in design and run-time. The control allows developers to setup permission for each UI control on the aspx pages in the designer. The Control can use different sources of roles and permissions such as database or xml file. Developer can specify unique permissions set for any defined role for each UI control.


Based on intuitive user interface, .Net coding standards and Visual Studio designer features control allows .Net developer and designer create role-based UI with individual permissions in design time.

Key Features

  • Full functional designer support;
  • Flexible permission customizing;
  • Support RAD ideology

Used languages & Technologies

  • .NET Framework
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003