Advanced SMS delivery system

Business challenges

The system was developed due to the lack of convenient services for SMS exchange with mobile network subscribers using Internet.

Though mobile operators provide tools for sending SMS to the subscriber – they have a lot of limitations and do not meet all users needs. Simple Short Messaging Service was designed to overcome shortcomings of public free services.

System functionality

The system is developed using 3-tier architecture and provides bi-directional SMS exchange between system users and mobile subscribers. It provides the following functionality:

  • SMS can be sent to mobile phones of all mobile networks, while free-service provided by the mobile operator allows sending SMS only to a mobile phone of the same operator. Our system doesn’t have such shortcomings and provides more flexibility to the end user.
  • Each user account may have its own limit on number of messages sent per day. Administrator can easily customize each user account.
  • Several recipients for one SMS (public free services provided by mobile operators allow sending SMS only to one recipient)
  • SNPP interface incorporated to the system allows using message delivery service by users as well as by special software (for instance, system administrator may receive notification if any troubles with the corporate network occur, etc.)


Our work resulted in development of the SMS delivery system which can be used for deployment in corporate network (or on company server). System is featured by low implementation cost: in order to launch the system only Windows XP / Server 2003 server, IIS and internet connection are necessary. GSM modem or even a mobile phone (that supports computer control) can be used as hardware for sending/receiving SMS.

Used languages and technologies

The system was developed to operate under Windows XP / Windows 2003 Server platforms with IIS. All major modules were developed in C#. Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine was used as DBMS. 
Hardware used: Siemens mobile phones.